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Gift Card Fundraiser

How does it work? 

  • Fill out the Community Cash Fundraising program form and once you are approved, we send you an order form. 
  • You tell everyone you know about the DiBella’s Community Cash Fundraising program and start raising money by preselling Community Cash gift cards

Get Started

How does my organization make money from the fundraiser? 

We provide a 20% discount on each Community Cash gift card, so you make money by selling them for the retail value of $10.

Price you pay for each Community Cash gift card


Retail value of each Community Cash gift card


Money earned per Community Cash gift card sold


How much can my organization raise through this fundraiser?

The more you sell, the more you earn! Below are some fundraising examples. 

Number of Community Cash gift cards sold 

Money Earned for your organization 









Fundraising Request

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