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Corporate Mask Policy

We’d like to provide clarification regarding our corporate face mask policy. DiBella’s provides all employees with a clean, company supplied face mask for every shift worked. DiBella’s also asks all of our guests to wear face masks when they are in our stores.

The following timeline offers the details of our decision-making process and unwavering commitment to the health and safety of our employees and guests.

  • MARCH 2020 – DiBella’s initiated a number of new policies and procedures to protect our employees and customers during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • APRIL 1, 2020 – DiBella’s prioritized sourcing masks for our employees. Unfortunately, at that time, all major suppliers were out of stock. DiBella’s then partnered with a local Upstate New York clothing manufacturer to provide at least one reusable cloth mask to each employee. After initiating discussions with this company on April 1, DiBella’s received its first supply on April 9 and began distributing masks to all of our locations.
  • APRIL 16, 2020 – All stores had official company-issued masks for our employees. Notably, this was before New York and Connecticut enacted initial executive orders requiring masks when in public (New York April 17; and Connecticut April 20).
  • APRIL 21, 2020 – Once DiBella’s ensured that all employees had at least one company supplied cloth mask, DiBella’s implemented and communicated a company-wide policy regarding the requirement of company-issued face masks to protect all employees and guests as much as possible from COVID-19. At that time, DiBella’s also made masks part of the company uniform. Throughout April, sourcing of cloth masks was still challenging. Disposable masks were even more difficult to acquire at this time. So, we temporarily allowed employees to bring their own masks, as long as those masks did not have any words or symbols.
  • JUNE 30, 2020 – We were able to source masks more efficiently and updated our mask policy on June 30 to define permitted masks as: “Company-supplied cloth or disposable masks.” We specifically stated that: “Scarfs, bandanas or homemade masks that have writing or symbols on them,” were not permitted.

Our corporate face mask policy is specifically designed to keep our employees and guests safe by ensuring every employee has a clean, safe, and hygienic mask.

Face masks are only one of the many initiatives we have in place to protect our guests and employees during the COVID-19 pandemic. You can read about everything we are doing at