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What’s so great about working at DiBella’s?

  • We have committed to quality and excellence for over a century.
  • We take the time to treat each guest with respect.
  • We strive to be community leaders.
  • We take pride in crafting the perfect sub for every guest.


What’s it like to work in our restaurants?

  • Flexible hours and competitive pay.
  • In-depth training within the DiBella’s Academy.
  • Opportunity for advancement. We always strive to promote from within. DiBella’s is a place where you can start as a baker and end as a district manager or even director of operations!
  • No working with fryers… YUCK!
  • You’re surrounded by a team of people driven to craft the perfect sandwich and create a memorable experience for every guest.


Growing, growing, and growing!

  • 44 restaurants.
  • Operate in 5 states.
  • 800+ employees.

The sky is the limit at DiBella’s and we’re always looking for new opportunities to expand!


The Restaurant Support Center

The DiBella’s Subs Restaurant Support Center, located in Rochester, NY is here to support our restaurant team every step of the way. Human resources, marketing, purchasing, IT and accounting services are located at the Restaurant Support Center and will support you in every step of your DiBella’s career.


DiBella's Values

  • Just like the engine is the foundation of a high-performance race car, bread is the foundation of the DiBella’s brand. Quality meats, cheeses, condiments and toppings all play a role, but we are nothing without our bread. It is the beginning, middle and end of our identity. Quite simply, it’s who we are. Over a century of hard work has gone into perfecting our bread – and that work is still not done. Every day we ask ourselves, how can we make it better? And, that is what we ask ourselves with everything we do. How can we make everything we do better for the guest? If there is a way to improve, we will do it no matter how much work it takes. Just like our bread… it’s worth it. 

  • Even the name of our company represents family. We are not named after a state, we are not named after a sandwich, we are not named after a flavor. We are named after the DiBella’s family, which since the early 1900s has emphasized a commitment to hospitality and inclusivity to all. Nothing is more important to DiBella’s than family and community. When our guests step into a DiBella’s, they are instantly part of our family, and we treat them as we would any family member, with the ultimate respect, compassion and hospitality. Every guest is not just another transaction. Every guest deserves the time and attention it will take for us to craft the perfect meal just for them. 

  • Leadership at DiBella’s is not done behind a desk or in an office – it is done by each and every one of us leading by example. No job is too small or to too large for any of us to do, and we can accomplish anything by working together. We must not only be leaders in our restaurants, but in our communities as well. DiBella’s is more than a restaurant, whether brand new or decades old, each DiBella’s location must serve the community in which we operate. We must weave into the fabric of the community by being there when we are needed the most. This is accomplished by supporting community initiatives in education, athletics, health, arts and beyond.   

  • There is an old proverb which says, “It takes a village to raise a child.” At DiBella’s, it takes a team to build a sub. Sixteen hours prior to even baking, the bread is proofed. It is baked by our baker at 5 am. Our team has sliced the meats for the sub early in the morning. A team member then builds the sub. None of this can be accomplished alone. When the perfect sub is created, we are a well-oiled machine firing on all cylinders. All of us are pieces of the puzzle who created that perfect sub, and when we all work together, the final product is nothing short of a masterpiece.   

  • We are the brand we are because we have always taken the road less traveled. We don’t cut corners and we don’t rush the process of creating the perfect sub. Crafting the perfect sub is not easy. It takes pride and a commitment to striving for perfection. Baking our bread is done with pride and an intense attention to detail when done correctly. We cut our meats every day because we take pride in the freshness and flavor that results. We have pride in treating every guest as family, because no guest should experience anything less than that. Doing anything worthwhile in life must be done with passion and pride. And, that is a fundamental truth of DiBella’s. Every sub we make for our guests is the most important sub we’ve ever made and it will be made with pride.