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DiBella’s Sub Club FAQS

DiBella’s Sub Club is our loyalty rewards program, which allows you to earn rewards and offers throughout the year. The more you eat at DiBella’s, the more you’ll earn!
If you have a smartphone, you can download our app via the Apple App Store or Google Play. You can also sign up by visiting our web site at www.dibellassubclub.com. Once you sign up, your welcome reward will be available immediately and you can start earning points towards future rewards!
With any qualifying purchase on food or beverage at DiBella’s, you’ll earn 2 points for every $1 you spend. For any catering items you buy (sub trays, packages, catering salads, cookie trays, boxed lunches, etc.), you'll earn 3 points for every $1 you spend.

When you have accumulated 200 points, you will receive a $5 reward. Your reward can be redeemed with any subsequent purchase.

You'll also receive random rewards throughout the year dependent on your purchasing habits.
Your location information is needed to locate the nearest DiBella’s to you and make your search quick and easy.
No problem! You will be able to join and log in on our web site to manage your account, earn points and claim rewards. After signing up on our web site, you can use your phone number in DiBella's to earn points and claim rewards.
We do not share your personal or purchase information. Purchase data is used to help us better provide you with relevant offers and information related to DiBella's.
At the register, provide your phone number on your DiBella's Sub Club account to the register operator prior to closing out your transaction and your points will automatically be added to your account. You can also open your app after checking out and scan or type the barcode on the bottom of your receipt to earn points.
You can also type in the transaction code on your receipt and enter it via the app or by logging into your account at www.dibellassubclub.com. Or, you can take a photo of the receipt and send it into DiBella's using the "Need Help?" feature of the app or by e-mailing subclub@dibellas.com.
If you identified at the register using your phone number, the barcode will not appear on your receipt because you would automatically receive credit for your visit. If you did not identify and there is still no barcode, you can email us a photo of your receipt to receive credit at subclub@dibellas.com.
Yes! Be sure to save your receipt. Each receipt has a DiBella's Sub Club barcode and numeric code that can be scanned to earn points in the app or typed into the web site portal to earn points. See above for how to scan or type in your code.
You can check your account balance at any time by opening the DiBella's Sub Club app and tapping "Rewards" in the bottom menu of your screen. You will see the points meter and how close you are to reaching 200 points. You can also tap "inbox" to view any rewards you have earned.
If you prefer to view your points via our web site, you can do so by logging into your account at www.dibellassubclub.com.
Yes! For any catering items you buy (sub trays, packages, catering salads, cookie trays, boxed lunches, etc.), you'll earn 3 points for every $1 you spend.
You earn points on all pre-tax sales of food and beverage items and not the receipt total, which includes tax.
Yes! Just make sure to tell the cashier your phone number associated with your DiBella's Sub Club account prior to closing out the transaction.
You bet! From time to time, we provide special rewards and offers for our members. Sometimes rewards will be based on your purchasing habits at DiBella's and sometimes rewards will be completely random! Be sure to open our e-mails and check the "Inbox" section of app so you do not miss any offers or rewards.
Please log into the DiBella's Sub Club app. Select the "More" section on your menu bar, and tap "Need Help?" and complete the auto-generated email by explain your situation, location you visited and receipt number. Alternatively, you can email subclub@dibellas.com. We will respond within five business days to help resolve your situation.
There are two ways to redeem your reward.
  1. Provide your phone number to the DiBella's cashier prior to closing out your transaction and let them know which of your rewards you would like to use.
  2. Open the DiBella's Sub Club app prior to paying the cashier, tap the "$5", select the amount you would like to redeem, then tap redeem. Confirm the amount by tapping "Yes" in the pop-up screen. A code will then appear on your device. Show the code to the cashier to have your reward applied to your order.
Yes. For example, if your purchase is $3 and you have $5 in rewards, you will have $2 of banked rewards to use on a future visit.
Yes and no! If you use the app, you have the ability to select how much of your rewards you want to redeem. For instance, if you have $5 in rewards and only want to use $2, you can go into the app, tap the “$5” icon on the Rewards screen, choose exactly how much you want to redeem, click “redeem” and then provide your unique redemption code at the register.

If you just decide to provide your phone number at the register, our point of sale system will use as much of your rewards as possible on the order total. For example, if your purchase is $8 and you have $5 in rewards, all $5 of your rewards will be applied to the purchase.
Yes. Rewards can be saved and used together.
If you have multiple $5 rewards, you can use those as part of one purchase. You cannot use other types of rewards in addition to the $5 rewards (free items, other discounts, etc.)
Yes, all rewards expire, although we do our best to give you enough time to redeem. You can check our account for current rewards and view expiration dates.
Purchasing gift cards do not earn points. However, if you have a gift card and wish to use it to pay for your order, you can receive points as long as you are a member of DiBella's Sub Club.
In order to use the app's barcode scanning functionality to earn points, you device camera is needed to view and scan the barcode. You can turn off the camera in your settings, but you will need to manually enter the bar code numbers each time you wish to earn points for purchases.
Try logging out of your account and then closing the DiBella's Sub Club on your device. Restart the app and begin using it as usual. If the problem persists, select the “Need Help” tab in the app on the main screen. Provide details of your technical difficulty and submit.